About Vita Plastics

Vita Plastics, acting in its capacity as a ‘chain director’, creates the highest possible value from plastic waste. As a creative “chain director”, Vita Plastics is able to bring all aspects of plastic recycling together.

Based on its years of experience in plastic recycling, Vita Plastics has developed a vision based on the principles of the circular economy.

A broad network of suppliers provides Vita Plastics with plastic waste that we recycle with our partners into raw materials we have developed ourselves and according to specification. These raw materials are used to manufacture end-products under our own management on the one hand and are sold to the plastic processing industry on the other. Vita Plastics specialises in HDPE, LDPE, PP and PS and supplies these types as grindings, regranulate and customer-specific compounds.

The best possible economic and ecological result can only be achieved if all of the parties in the value chain work together. The role of Vita Plastics as a “chain director’ is facilitating, unique and of exceptional value. Based on our experience, our specialist field, our extensive network in plastic recycling and our intrinsic motivation to contribute to sustainability we are able to make a very practical contribution to the circular economy.